Our Results - Sample of recent projects

Results Achieved

Sample of recent client projects...

Advised the GM of a local manufacturing company with significant margin, sales and cash obstacles, to set a 18 month improvement plan, then proceeded to improve sales, regain margin and build cash reserves.  Turnaround substantially complete.

Advised the CEO of a fast growing SAAS company to achieve significant market traction by aligning strategy with changing market conditions, and internal capabilities with strategy.  Extended cash reserves from 2 months to 6 month period, through improved working capital practices.

Increased the market viability and entreprise value of a early stage technology company by leading the prototype development, testing and initial market validation of a novel, clean energy technology with limited financial resources. 

Lead the development and implementation of a Global Strategic Partnership for a Vancouver based techology accelerator, linking BC based technology companies with global strategic partners (business, investment and government) in order to catalyze sales and investment, while bridging a growing innovation gap for large, global strategic corporations, such as Telus, Dow, Siemens, BASF, as examples.

Lead the program development and restructuring of a Vanouver based technology accelerator, in order to achieve scalability, by making it more market facing and client centric by focusing on the achievement of revenue growth. Reallocated resources and services consistent with client current business life cycle needs, resulting in the development of a streamlined boot camp based on lean methodology and the Business Model Canvas template. 

While in the role of CEO-in-Residence assisted more than 20 early stage technology companies to help resolve strategic, leadership, product, financial and operational issues, to achieve signficant market growth and increase in share holder value.  Results for select client portfolio companies I assisted, include:

  • Achieving 60%+ CAGR for logistics and transportation technology company.
  • Achieved a $2M payment from a global company to terminate a strategic relationship.
  • Secured >$1M government funding to commercialize novel energy technology.


Sample of career achievements by our Principal....

Restructure and turnaround of Powertech Labs (Canada)

  • Sales increased >30% in less than 2 years
  • From cash flow negative to cash flow positive
  • Cash balance increased >200% to $6M
  • New businesses launched achieving $2M in first year sales

Restructure and turnaround of Pirelli Cables

  • Increased sales by 46%, during significant price drops
  • Increased output >200%
  • Earnings from $1.9M loss to $10.3M profit in 48 months



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