Help someone in your professional network. Join Our Referral Program and earn up to $10,000.

Referral Program

Do you know a business that could benefit from our services?

Are you a:

  • Professional Services Provider (Accountant, Lawyer, Notary) - then you know the importance of cash flow management and strong working capital.
  • Finanancial Advisor, Banker or M&A Specialist - then you know the importance of building strong business systems and financial reserves.
  • Venture Capitalist, Investor or Private Equity - then you know the importance of revenue and profit growth in creating entreprise value.
  • Current Client, Business Owner, Entreprenuer or Executive - then you know the importance of accelerating business growth to compete globally.

This are all great reasons to be part of our referral network and join our Referral Program.  Join and you will get a referral fee of 10% (of the engagment value to a maximum of $10,000) for each colleague, customer, client or friend you refer, and who engages us!  As a BONUS, for the first referral, we will also donate $500 to the charity of your choice.

We know you care about your clients and friends, just like we do.  So that is why we stand behind our work with a Money-Back Guarantee!  

To earn the 10% referral fee, do the following:

  1. Download the referral agreement here.
  2. Complete the the referral agreement and send a copy to
  3. We will send a signed copy of the referral agreement back to you in 24 hours.
  4. Contact the company and make the referral.
  5. If the company signs up, you get 10% of the engagement fee (and the BONUS)!

Call us today at 604-261-6216 or email us.

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